Neue Canyons

New canyonings are for people with canyoning experience 

On the link new canyons click on recently opened canyons 

Some TOPOS as a  Bonus…

A video of the opening of a canyon situated next to Beni Mellal


for those passionate about canyoning, who had never even dreamed of discovering a brand new one!!

some photos of brand new canyons 


– Our team will have already found where the canyons will take place

– After the new canyoning route has been created, we will write a TOPO of the canyon and background information in which your name will be included if you would like it to be.

All of the material will be provided 


bouton-contact vert / +33 6 64 67 26 87   (France)  / +212 6 50 50 62 66  (Maroc)

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